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La série Element consiste à combiner une technologie de performance avec une valeur imbattable.

Nous utilisons notre néoprène Xtend exclusif au niveau des épaules et des manches pour une excellente flexibilité, un col Super Seal Glideskin pour un confort exceptionnel et des genouillères Dura Flex pour une durabilité imbattable.

L’Element est la meilleure combinaison du marché pour ceux qui découvrent la mer.


  • 30% Xtend neoprene (upper body) – superb flexibility for easy paddling and wave catching.
  • 70% Free Flex neoprene (lower body) – easy to get on and off and increased durability.
  • Mesh Skin chest and back – water-shedding body panels to protect against wind chill.
  • Breathable Flatlock seams – comfortable, breathable seams which lie flat against the skin to prevent rubbing.
  • Super Seal Glideskin collar – keeps necks happy and minimises water entry.
  • Seamless paddle zones – easy paddling with no rubbing or rash around the shoulders.
  • NEON – Comes in an assortment of bright, neon colours to make it easy to spot kids on the beach.
  • True Thickness – a warmer, thicker suit than what you might typically see on the shelves. Look for yourself!
  • Back zip entry – Easy entry so no time is wasted when the waves are pumping.
  • Ankle zips – make it easier to put the suit on without any help.
  • Key pocket