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Why choose between flat water, waves, or freestyle when you can do it all on one board? The Appleslice Wing V2 is an evolution of our popular Appleslice model, although we have refined the shape a bit for version 2.

The Slice V2 is primarily designed for flat water and waves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump and try freestyle tricks with it!!

The Appleslice appeals to a wide audience of riders. The range starts at a very low volume that can also be used as a foil surfboard or for accomplished riders who can handle limited volume.

The Appleslice V2 has a relatively compact shape. It is not as short as the Jazz, but still compact even though the Appleslice is much narrower. This helps with wave riding and carving if you touch the water with the rail during upwind riding or tight turns.

Hull Entry.

The entry shape of the Appleslice V2 is quite unique. It features a boat hull-type bottom that flattens quickly under the front foot. Similar to a racing boat, this hull shape helps deflect water during acceleration. This increases the efficiency of the bottom, and you will notice that the board gains speed very easily, meaning you can comfortably sail with a smaller volume.

Extended Planing Surface.

After the hull entry, the bottom flattens to provide a stable planing surface. The tail of the Appleslice V2 is straight with a hard edge at the end. This bottom is ideal for accelerating and releasing water to allow you to surf faster on the foil. Foil tracks are slightly forward to allow the use of new high aspect foils that work better when placed further forward. The rails of the Appleslice V2 are beveled to help deflect water when touching the rails.

Front Footrest.

You will see our unique inset feature in the Appletree Surfboards foil range. This ensures that the angle between the standing area and the foil mast remains at 90 degrees, while allowing us to adjust the angle between the bottom and the foil mast. You want the bottom to have a slightly higher than 90-degree angle, as this helps the board gain speed and deflect the board upwards if touched.

What you don’t want is for the standing area to be more than 90 degrees as that would make you feel like standing on a slope, meaning you would have less control over the foil.

Natural Volume Distribution.

The volume of the Appleslice V2 is evenly distributed throughout the shape, making it easy to balance when on your knees. Once on the foil, the board feels balanced and easy to turn and maneuver. In larger sizes, this board is very easy to control when you are still learning, while smaller sizes allow the board to enhance your riding.


It all starts with the core, and every board we make starts with a foam core of our own closed-cell 50K foam. This foam is uniquely formulated for us, not used in any other board on the market.

The foam can withstand 50,000 kg per square meter, while remaining very light, and most importantly, very flexible. Another advantage of our 50K foam is that it is closed-cell, meaning the foam does not absorb water and the board does not delaminate when it gets hot.

All our foil boards are produced in our 100% carbon fiber construction. You want carbon fiber in a foil board for its rigidity and strength. A rigid board will give you the best foil control and response. Additionally, the rigidity will make foil pumping much more effective. With carbon fiber, we are able to make the board extremely strong while still being very light at the same time.

The highest stress in a foil board lies in the connection of the foil to the board. This is where we take extra care and attention to make it the strongest connection available. The foil mount is CNC cut with the board for maximum precision. We only use Oneshot FUTURES boxes as they are the strongest in the industry. The boxes are placed in an ultra-high-density PET honeycomb panel. This PET honeycomb is again sandwiched in carbon fiber. This means there is carbon fiber inside and outside the board. The open honeycomb structure ensures a solid connection between the inside and outside, merging everything into a solid block.

Our lamination process is also completely different. We use an in-house developed vacuum bag technique, where we lay all the carbon fiber and reinforcements on the board dry. Then we extract all the air from the bag and inject the epoxy resin under pressure. The result is the tightest lamination possible, with the best ratio of fiber to epoxy. It also provides a 100% bond to the core so the boards do not delaminate. Additional patches under the feet prevent heel dents.

The inserts in our foil range are made from high-density material blocks. And can be customized according to position. These blocks are also fused to the core so they never come out.

1 week for a stock carbon board (from Portugal)
6 to 8 weeks for a custom board from the date of order (from Portugal)

Length: 5’3
Width: 25″
Liters: 95L
Weight: 6.73kg